Monday, 7 May 2012

This weekend saw the start of the Queen's Jubilee special event call 2Q0IJK after 3 days of calling I racked up over 350 contacts with over 900 hits on and also getting in the list of top current hot call signs. The pile ups were mental and I am looking forward to alot of qsl requests from all the station's that have worked me so far. By the end of the month I am hoping to work over 1000 stations also making it a record for my first special event call sign. My partner Emma MQ6EOW also had a great response and the pile ups was even bigger for her, she also got 2nd in the world for the top current hot call signs on at one point and is also hoping to work nearly a 1000 stations before the end of the month. More information on and the qsl card is available from our qsl manager Charles M0OXO.
73'S for now more updates throughout the month on the special event.