Monday, 9 April 2012


Today myself and Linden M6PZZ activated our 3rd summit Shining Tor, the day started with a bit of breakfast and cup of coffee from subway in Stockport then onward to the Cat & Fiddle car park. On arrival there was plenty of mist and fog around so we could not get our bearings and not doing this Summit before we were unsure where we had to go after asking in the Cat & Fiddle pub we were still no nearer to finding out where to start the accent to the top. After a short drive back down the road we spoke to a guy walking his dog who pointed us in the right direction by this time the fog was starting to clear slightly so we could make out certain reference points we had been told by the man walking his dog. At no time on our accent or decent from the Summit did the rain stop bouncing down it wasn't a good day for a SOTA activation but we were not going to let that stop us. We made it to the top of the Summit within 30 minutes and to be honest did not want to start getting all our gear out so we just used our handhelds, mine a kenwood thf7e 5 watts and Lindens a yaesu vx8r 5 watts. I worked 4 stations M0VFO Steve, 2E0ZRA Chris, 2E0LKC Peter & 2E0LMD Ann that was enough to get me 2 points for activating the Summit so thanks to you guys for working me.
Below are a few pictures taken on the day as you can see it was wet and windy lets hope on my next Summit there will be a bit better weather 73's 2e0ijk Dave

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